Looks Like We Are Ready for the Next Generation in Personal Tech

Well, with the recent patent infringement lawsuits in the personal tech space, perhaps it is time for the industry to stop copying each other, and move all this technology to the next generation, the fifth generation. Might I suggest that we can do better than we’ve done so far, and although the Apple iPhone was a big leap forward for the industry and consumers around the world, it’s time to take that giant leap once more. This means that all companies need to spend money on research and development, not on corporate espionage spies, or copying what everyone else has already done.Consider an article in the Wall Street Journal published on September 4, 2012 titled “Rivals Try to Beat Apple to Punch,” by Steven D. Jones which told of all the companies with new personal tech devices coming out in the summer of 2012 just after the $1 billion dollar patent infringement lawsuit victory by Apple Corporation over Samsung running Android. Now it looks like just about everyone is getting ready to launch into the market into a frenzy.Now then, for someone that runs a think tank I would certainly like to see holographic technology brought into the fray and into our mobile technologies. IBM is spending $5 billion on spectral imaging and holographic imagery. And don’t think that it wasn’t on Steve Jobs’ wish list either, because I surely bet you it was, he was a visionary, and I’m sure he saw the movie in the Star Wars series where they had a holographic mobile phone.The interesting thing about all this is that the technology exists now, and only needs to be miniaturized. Currently the smallest devices for holographic projection are about the size of a brick, and although much lighter in weight, not necessarily something you wish to carry around with you wherever you go. The concept of a video cell phone is available now, but the bandwidth is a little too high and overtaxing on the 3G and 4G wireless networks. Nevertheless, there is new science and algorithms which can compress that data that will help with videophones.Still, it really is time for all this futuristic technology to come to fruition. I’m not sure what everyone is waiting for, and I worry about these infringement lawsuits because they are preventing the incremental gains in technology which may have pushed us already to the point where Apple had to take the next leap. Right now even though it is the largest company by market cap, it is still sitting pretty with its current technology, that means we have to wait a couple more years for the holographic stuff.Quite frankly I’m tired of waiting, and I’m tired of waiting for my personal flying craft or flying car as well. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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